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Airport Manager Job Description, Salary and Career Information

Making it Big in the Aviation Industry

One of the professions that is gaining immense fame these days is Airport management. The aviation sector is witnessing a rapid increase in the scope of employment. Considering the fact that they need to deal with numerous passengers every day, they need to be soft-spoken and courteous and must be fluent in basic languages.

Airport Management schools
Airport Management

Eligibility Criteria

In order to attempt examinations related to this course, you need to clear class 12th. The duration of the course is one year and it is important that you be self-determined and confident. During your interview, you will be checked for your inherent soft skills. You must acquire a bachelor’s degree from a qualified university or college with major course work in airport management, business or closely related field. There are many online universities through which you can get qualified for the course. Here you can receive expert support round the clock and you can attend online tests on a weekly or monthly basis from the comfort of your house. An increasing number of candidates are preferring online institutes as the latter’s goal is towards enhancing education. MBA in Aviation Management, for instance is a management degree that offers insights about the various operations in aviation industry while equipping students with suitable skills toward aviation management.

Roles and Responsibilities of Airport Manager

  • Hire, oversee, improve and estimate staff performance
  • Coach airport employees by offering training and motivating them
  • Monitor and manage productivity levels of employees and operational activities at the airport
  • Implementing staffing schedules on the basis of levels of transaction and business demands

Employment Opportunities

A conspicuous role in our economy is played by the aviation industry and thus there are plenty of opportunities available in this field. In an effort to accommodate general aviation traffic, congested airports are now being upgraded and expanded to larger airports creating more jobs for aspiring candidates. Another key factor creating huge employments benefits in this industry is the introduction of budget airlines.

Airport Manager Salary

According to Florida International University, the annual earnings of an airport manager vary between $18,000 and $130,000. Payscale reports annual earnings to range between $45,450 and $73,012. Higher compensation can be earned by airport managers working in cities that have international airports as their responsibility lies at a higher level. The highest salaries in this industry are earned by those placed in Florida, which is supposedly Orlando’s tourism magnet.

Future of Aviation Management

While there was crisis witnessed by major airlines, job opportunities are expected to rise with budget carriers and regional airlines, which are developing faster than famous major airlines. Considering the mounting security requirements, there are good opportunities with air cargo carriers reflecting a rapid growth in e-business.

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