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Art Director Salary and Career Information

Art and design is a broad field, which includes fashion, photography and graphic designing. Students of art have there own style of perfection and own form of discipline.

Art emphasis ideas and designing emphasis planning. So, there are inter-dependent disciplines, each having a different way of thinking. People related to art are passionate and creative.


Career in this field deals with people who have high levels of talent and energy. People usually get attracted to those who like to express themselves through creativity.


To become a art designer you must have bachelors degree of fine arts. This is a 4-year long study where you are artistically and technically built up, which enhances creative artist in you.


Along with formal education, you must have brilliant scope in written, visual and verbal communication. You must have the example of your best work along with your portfolios, which employers would definitely consider during the hiring process.

art director salary
Art Designers


According to survey conducted recently, the annual income of an art designer is about $40,000.

It is also said that a typical salary a art director should expect is in between  $25000 to $35000.


There are exceptional career options for students studying arts such as

you may join:

-Printing media



-Web designing

-Furniture designing

-Graphical designing


With artistic career you reward seeing your ideas come to fruition of creative thinking. If you excel in what you study and have good experience of work than there is no one to beat you in artistic career.

As they say “An art requires a whole man” and if you are ready to give it your whole then your the next best art director

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