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Career as a Herbalist: Job Description and Salary

Description: Medical herbalism is a practice wherein the healing power of plants is used for the treatment of various medical conditions and this includes allergies, skin problems, conditions related to stress and arthritis. A herbalist works alongside doctors, in wellness centers, in alternative medicine facilities or as independent practitioners. What ...

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Pursuing a Career in Asian Medicine

Description: Asian Medicine/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a practice of treating illnesses and disorders by applying traditional Chinese medicine practices including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and remedial massage (tui na). This field is now becoming a promising career line and as a result there are multiple health insurance firms that ...

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Aromatherapist Salary and Career Outlook

Description: Usage of plant-derived aromatic compounds or essential oils that are highly concentrated is known as Aromatherapy. It is usually used for treatment of one’s well-being and health. Although there are relatively few degree programs in this field, there are plenty of specialized training schools offering many programs that fetch ...

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Acupuncture – Career Outlook and Employment Prospects

Overview: Acupuncture is a Chinese medical art that has been traditional practiced ever since ages, whose process includes implanting fine needles across various points on the surface of one’s body so as to influence various physiological functions. A wide variety of psychological and physical conditions are treated by acupuncture practitioners, ...

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Pursuing a Career in Allied Health

Introduction: A group of professions related to health including about 200 careers is referred to as ‘allied health’. Regarded as an expert in their respective field, an allied health professional may be directly or indirectly involved with patient health. While some work as a team of healthcare professionals assessing and ...

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Software Engineer Salary and Career Information

Career in Computer Engineering: Facing the Challenges of IT Industry Alternatively known as software engineering, computer engineering is a profession that deals with the development, testing and evaluation of a particular software that determines the functioning of our computers. From developing exciting computer games to a wide variety of business ...

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Lawyer Career Information and Salary

Lawyer Career and Salary

Law as a career is an extraordinary calling. But as every career has its own attorney and drawbacks law has got the same. Law on one hand have great earning and prestige where on other hand it requires so much of you financially. For those rich brats who have great ...

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Teacher Job Description, Salary and Career Information

Teacher Training

Teaching is a process of making unaware or unclear people clear and aware in light of wisdom and knowledge. Teaching as far today has no particular definition but it is said that Teaching and learning are interlinked…. For example:If you don’t teach a child to walk? he won’t learn how ...

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