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Cosmetologist Salary and Career Information

One of the best career options to be considered today is Cosmetology. Cosmos means beautifying and Cosmetology is nothing but the study of beautifying.


Cosmetology salary
Cosmetologist Salary and Outlook

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. Its major branches are styling, skin care, cosmetics, manicure, pedicure and electrology.

A Cosmetologist is a professional who is an expert in cosmetology. They are also known as beauticians. Cosmetologists transform their clients from simple to spectacular in a single sitting.


To go with cosmetology as a profession is good. The steps to go ahead with it as a career needs you to search a well and sophisticated cosmetology or beauty school that fits you in as a person. At school, you learn skills and techniques needed to pass the board exams and get certified in licensing exam for hair, sanitation etc. as certification is very much necessary for moving ahead with cosmetology as a profession. Before admission in a beauty school, you will require to have a high school diploma. Always try and contact the school personally as you need to know the rules and regulations that school enrolls to have.

On a general note, 16 years of age is preferable for cosmetology students but it can vary from state to state and some schools individually prefer age of their choice for admissions.

On an average note the training of cosmetology takes 9 to 15 months to graduate in the subject in general.


Generally talking about the salary on an average basis according to a survey is $26000 per year, which is not a small amount to have annually. The salary depends on various factors. One basic thing that affects the earning potential is the cosmetologist’s place of work? Working in urban areas may fetch you higher income whereas rural areas have a declining factor with decreased income.  Salary has a potential to grow with experience. The more experience you have the more salary you earn.


As they say fact is stranger than fiction it’s not an easy buttery process, but a great career to pursue in the beauty industry.It not only requires you certification of subject but your presence of mind, being presentable as a person, professionalism and hard work capacity are major key things to go along with.

I would suggest you if the cap fits you, why not wear it.

Cosmetology is best career to go with for those who are interested in the beauty industry.

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