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Counseling Psychologist Salary, Job Description and Career Information


We live in an age wherein normal life has become very stressful resulting in many people struggling to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, career and relationship issues. These problems and addressed and taken care of by counseling psychologists, who are specialists meeting with troubled individuals, helping them cope with their problems across various stages of their life.

Counseling Psychologist Job Description

Counseling psychology is a kind of applied psychology that helps people gain a positive control over their feelings. Its primary focus is on treatment of individuals struggling with various emotional, social and behavioral disorders. Long with clinical psychology, counseling psychology is one of the most common and widespread psychological specialties. Counseling psychologists make use of psychological concepts and research in order to cater to clients suffering with several mental health conditions.

Psychologist training
Psychologist training

Educational Requirements:

Aspiring students who wish to make a career in counseling psychology need to start off by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, a four-year course. Nevertheless, advanced degrees are also required to kick-start their careers. There are several universities offering Master’s and Doctoral degrees in this field. Be it any university you might zero in on, the curriculum requirements are pretty much the same. Counseling psychologists in the future will study about different counseling and therapy techniques, apart from the psychology fundamentals and research methods.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Counseling Psychologist:

The ultimate goal of a counseling psychologist is to ensure that his or her clients get over their negative emotions and thoughts. If you are seeking to make a bright career path, you may specialize in specific areas, such as vocational stress or grief counseling. A counseling psychologist may work with one patient at a time or with small groups consisting of people suffering with related disorders.

Job Opportunities

Apart from holding positions at community mental health centers, counseling psychologists have a wealth of job opportunities in psychiatric hospitals, family service agencies, medical schools and counseling centers. While some may prefer working in private practices, a significant percentage of them prefer working in academia. Following are certain career paths that are available in abundance:

  • Offering vocational counseling and governing career testing in order to aid clients in choosing a profession, survive workplace related conflicts or successfully adjust to a new job.
  • Working with specific therapy groups associated to grief, parenting, divorce, pregnancy, and terminal illness.
  • Instituting a private practice in order to offer relationship counseling to newly married couples, those going through communication problems and also same-sex couples.
  • Treating patients who are slaves to various types of addictions in specific clinics dealing with those areas.

Salary Structure

According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average annual salary counseling psychologists is $72,540, The salary of a counseling psychologist is primarily dependent on his/her specialization area. For instance, those working in health practice offices made an average salary of $86,700, while those working in employment services made an average salary of $96,700. The average salary of individuals working for educational support services is $66,420, representing the lower end of a counseling psychologist’s salary.


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