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Graphic Designer Salary and Career Information


The profession of a graphic designer is highly rewarding considering the bright prospects that the profession carries along with it. In simple words, the role of a graphic designer is to create design solutions possessing a great visual impact. It involves their patiently listening to clients, understanding their requirements prior to making design decisions. If you’re an aspiring student interested in this profession, a graphic designer works with images and text so as to design and create elements that are visually appealing elements such as brochures, websites, advertisements and logos. For this purpose, graphic designers work with a plethora of images, painting and digital media. In order to manipulate and create designs from these images, they use photo cum image editing software.

Graphic Designing schools
Graphic Designers

Roles and Responsibilities:

Graphic designers work according to an initial brief that is explained by their clients who might include creative directors to account managers to managing directors. In an effort to meet the objectives of their client, they come up with creative concepts by selecting suitable media and style. It is the demand of the profession to be in constant touch with the latest trends in the latest software and above all they need to possess a creative flair and a have a professional approach to deadline, costs and time. Following are some of their key roles put in a nutshell:

  • Determine the scope of the project by meeting with clients
  • Advise various strategies according to the target audience
  • Create images to convey a message
  • Develop graphics for websites and logos to illustrate the product
  • Present the draft to clients and incorporate recommended changes

Work Atmosphere:

In order to effortlessly create their designs, graphic designers work in places where there is access to computers, drafting tables and the required software for their design creations, something like a studio. Although some of them work on a freelance basis, there are 9also designers working for expert graphic design firms as part of their design team. They often collaborate with their colleagues on various projects with respective clients situated across the globe.

Becoming a Graphic Designer:

  • You need to hold a bachelor’s degree in the field of graphic design or any other related field. It is important that aspiring candidates demonstrate their originality and creativity from a professional platform featuring their best designs. Chalk out the right education path.
  • National Association of Schools of Art and Design certifies numerous post secondary universities, colleges and private institutes by providing programs in art and design. Most of these schools have studio art, computerized design, principles of design, printing techniques, commercial graphics production and of course website design.
  • Prior to getting enrolled in a formal degree program, there are many programs that need you to complete one year of basic design courses. There are some schools that would like their applicants to submit their sketched in order to gauge their artistic talents and abilities.

Salary Outlook:

The salary of a graphic designer varies greatly, based upon a wide variety of factors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary that a graphic designer earns is $43,500; $20.92/hr. More money can easily be demanded by those who are relatively more talented, possessing a dynamic portfolio.

Job Prospects:

There’s plenty of work available at various places some of which include design firms, advertising organizations, or any other company. The best part is that you can actually start business on your own and become a freelancer. Some graphic designers might be professionally recruited as logo designers, web designers, advertisement designers, book layout artists, photograph editors, illustrators, magazine layout artists or art directors.

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