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Journalist Job Description, Salary and Career Information

Career in Journalism: The ever-challenging Industry

Are you one with deep-rooted curiosity and a keen and accurate insight? Then Journalism is the perfect career for you. The industry of journalism is responsible for broadcasting news precisely, truthfully, quickly yet honestly and this includes all kinds of social media. If you wish to pursue a challenging career such as journalism in the US, you must be mentally prepared to work under tight deadlines and tons of pressure, besides outstanding writing skills and of course an inquisitive nature.

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Choosing an Appropriate School in the US:

Students must be aware of whether or not their preferred schools offer the specialty course of their choice, which include – broadcast journalism (radio/television), print journalism (newspapers/magazines), online journalism (online blogs, newspapers, social media) or photo journalism. Also ensure you pay close attention to gaining experience alongside their studies if they choose to pursue a career internationally.

Journalist Eligibility Requirements

A degree in mass communications/journalism is a must-have and most look for candidates having experience with news broadcasts or school newspapers or internships with news firms. Students aspiring to study journalism in the US must make sure their applications are supplemented with the following:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) scores. In majority of the cases, these exams are required for those who do not have English as their first language. It is also important to note that admission committees are on the look-out for candidates who have a solid grasp of English.
  • English translations for transcripts or samples, if any.
  • Proof of sufficient funds covering the total cost of appropriate course.

An added advantage for journalists to achieve their dreams at a faster pace is to be well versed with various journalism technologies including video editing, photography and multimedia web design.

Journalist Career Opportunities

Multiple career paths can be chosen by an aspiring journalist. Apart from seeking positions in the print media such as newspapers and magazines, working as a news broadcaster is as exciting. Following are some employment possibilities you might want to probe into – Reporter, Editor, Foreign / War Correspondent, Copywriter, Author, Technical Writer, Blogger, Sports Commentator, Broadcast news anchor, Photojournalist, Radio Commentator, Public Relations Specialist. In addition, journalism graduates need not necessarily restrict themselves to traditional journalism careers. The skills acquired by these graduates are quite much applicable in advertising, publishing and public relations.

Journalist Salary Structure

While the average salary of a journalist is around $38,000, a broadcast journalist’s average salary is around $55,380. The salary of a freelance journalist is entirely dependent on the number of published articles for which they receive payment from the publishers and is also determined for the demand for their writings and articles.


The journalism industry has its own pros and cons. Some of cons include the fact it has a tough job front, considering the suffering economy and the steady decline of print journalism. The reassuring fact is that it is an ever changing field, thanks to the internet that is providing plenty of jobs and taking the industry to an entirely new platform, thus creating avenues for content writers, bloggers and reporters for online magazines and newspapers.

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