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Lawyer Career Information and Salary

Law as a career is an extraordinary calling. But as every career has its own attorney and drawbacks law has got the same.

Law on one hand have great earning and prestige where on other hand it requires so much of you financially.

For those rich brats who have great A-level certification and are interested in law this career is all yours.


Lawyer Career and Salary
Lawyer Career and Salary

The three things required to join a law school are impressionative GPA, adorable LSAT scores and a desirable essay.


LSAT is nothing but Law school admission test. Its a test you need to give along with experience in crime science.

-Majors in criminal justice is not required as law schools don’t consider it academically.

-The Essay which showcases your passion in law and make you seem like exceptional candidate should be written at the time of admission rather to be in wait list candidates.


Top ranked law schools or universities are:

-Yale university

-Harvard university

-Stanford university and etc

You must at-least have 3.90 GPA, 170 scores in LSAT and 7% acceptance rate to have direct admissions in the universities.

As a general rule, no other factor is much important than LSAT scoring.


You may either pursue a 3-year LLB course after graduation or a 5-year course after twelfth standard which leads you to LLB or BA.

For being in law field you must have specialization in Maths, Law, French, History and politics.


You must have:

-An in-depth knowledge of formative basic subject of Law.

-Critically thinking ability.


In legal industry, Lawyers are the most paid professionals. The annual income of lawyer is suspected to be $110,500.

Income increases with employment size and experience level.

Lawyers in urban areas are more in demand.


Its not a compulsory need to become a lawyer after joining a law school. You may have good opportunities to become a

-Chartered legal executive

-Licensed conveyancer


-Solicitor and many more.


The career of lawyer is a hallmark of prestige they have unique professional status and extra-ordinary image.

Apart from all these, Lawyers have there own flexibility as they can have there own hours of work, own fees and own clients as well.

As said “An old physician and young lawyer make the best counsel”.

If you fulfill all the above mentioned needs the career in law is only for you.

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