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Online Schools in Arizona


Arizona is one of those states that provide resident students the benefit of taking online public school courses free of cost. This article enlists some of these no-cost online schools that currently cater to high schools students. However, schools must meet the below listed qualifications in order to qualify for this category – availability of complete online classes, ability to provide services to state residents and government funded.

Online Public Schools and Charter Schools

Tuition-free online schools are being offered by many states for resident students under a specified age (often 21). Most of these virtual schools are something called charter schools, which are run by private organizations which receive government funding. When compared to traditional schools, online charter schools have fewer restrictions, although they get reviewed on a regular basis. Also, it is mandatory that they strive to meet the standards of the state.

Arizona is one of those states which also offers online public schools. It is generally from a school district or a state office that virtual programs such as these operate from. Some of these schools offer limited advanced courses that are otherwise not available in regular school campuses.

Arizona State University:

Arizona State University happens to be the nation’s largest university with more than 250 majors and 70,000 students. A wide variety of degree programs and online courses are offered by these public universities not only to local students but also for those out-of-state. Arizona also houses numerous community and technical colleges which offer distance education courses. In addition, there are many private online colleges that are precisely intended to meet the requirements of adult learners.

Following are some of Arizona’s online schools –

  • Grand Canyon University
  • DeVry University
  • University of Phoenix
  • Arizona Virtual Academy
  • Pinnacle Online High School
  • Arizona Connections Academy
  • Primavera
  • Collins College
  • Mosaica Online Academy
  • Carrington College-Tucson

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