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Online Schools in California

Best Online Schools in California

The Committee for Post-secondary Education of California, ever since its launch has been focusing on increasing overall college admission, which also interprets its support for the growth of online schools in the state of California. There are about 330 online degree programs, many available in LA. University of Southern California (USC) offered online graduate computer information technology program amongst several other programs and this particular one was given the top online program of 2014 by U.S. News & World Report.

Online Learning Initiatives:

Considering the fact that California has a history of prestigious online education initiatives and experiments, the state has adopted the following initiatives for higher learning –

    • California High School Outreach Program Inventory – In an effort to encourage high school students to continue education post their graduation. These programs have the option of enrolling in online college AP classes while they’re still studying in high school. This also provided on line courses, tutoring, textbooks and AP test preparation completely free of cost.
    • Extended University Programs – To assist students in propelling their careers and increasing their employment chances post college. Career resources and training programs are offered via online college courses designed to nurture crucial career skills for job seekers.

California Connections Academy:

Targeted for grades K–12, this is a chain of public online schools that are tuition-free. It includes high quality curriculum meeting the rigorous education standards of the state. The ultimate objective of this online academy is to maximize a student’s potential and groom them to making a bright career path.

National University is yet another famous online school in California which is based in Sab Diego and has plenty of certificate programs and online degrees to offer across various levels in multiple fields, including engineering, education, business and information technology.

Following are some of the online schools in California –

  •  Bethesda University of California
  •  California State University
  •  Epic Bible College
  •  Touro University Worldwide
  •  Hope International University


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