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Online Schools In Colorado


Internet usage as a medium for efficiently delivering educational programs has increased at a rapid pace in the state of Colorado. It all began in 1995 with the Monte Vista School District featuring the first ever full-time public online program in Colorado. The academic year of 2011-2012 had 22 full-time public online schools across all districts, all of which are certified in order to serve numerous aspiring students across the state. Any of the statewide programs may be chosen by the students no matter which district they reside in.

Colorado’s Online Learning Colleges:

The wide variety of online programs are offered by public colleges, religious colleges, private not-for-profit colleges and as well as for-profit institutions. For instance, the University of Colorado offers CU online, which features a three-dimensional approach to online learning – flexible degree options, outstanding faculty training and exceptional student support. Most of the featured major programs include engineering, business, nursing, education and health care.

Choosing an appropriate online school:

With numerous colleges offering a plethora of appealing options, the next important thing is to be able to choose the right online school that makes your money completely worth it. Look for programs that have unique features. For instance, if you’re a high school drop-out, there are quite many programs specifically targeting at-risk students, ensuring their success by taking adequate measures. There are also certain programs that create ‘centers’ for students wherein they get to interact with their teachers face-to-face.

Scholarship and Financial Aid:

If finances are a cause of concern, there are many programs that help reduce college costs for students. One of such option is the federal financial aid which demands need-based programs for which an application form is to be submitted by the student. This will in turn determine the total qualifying amount of the student.

Following are some online schools in Colorado –

  • Branson School Online
  • Boulder Universal
  • Colorado Calvert Academy
  • Edison Online Academy
  • Hope Online Learning Centers

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