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Online Schools in Delaware

Online Education in Delaware


Although Delaware happens to the nation’s second smallest state, it still remains a hub for higher education. Having realized the supreme value of online education, many universities and community colleges offer virtual programs similar to courses offered by their traditional counterparts. Thanks to flexible scheduling and a wide variety of off-campus options, there is an increasing percentage of students enrolling for online courses, thus earning degrees and certificates at their own pace. For instance, the University of Delaware has more than 200 courses to offer, besides multiple programs presented in a web-based format. The state also has couple of private online schools from which potential students may make their choice.

Higher Schools in Delaware:

The state of Delaware has come up with the following initiatives in an effort to mentor and guarantee their young students into making a bright career and higher education.

  • eLearning Delaware – enables K-12 teachers to take online professional development courses at their comfort level. One of the course offerings of this initiative is teaching educators how a digital classroom can be created.
  • Thinkfinity Delaware – created in association with Verizon Wireless and Thinkfinity.org. Equips teachers in developing pioneering digital classrooms by offering more than 55,000 diverse lesson plans, resources, digital and training tools.

Wilmington University

The online degree programs offered by Wilmington University are of high quality competing with traditional real-world academics in a flexible online format. Candidates are given access to fully-recognized and appropriate online programs aimed to groom them for career advancement and leadership roles.

Adult High School Program

This program is so designed to enable individuals to complete the 22 credit units required to attain a Delaware high school diploma. The various subjects included in this program are Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Career Pathways, Electives and Health.

Following are some of the online schools in Delaware –

  • Strayer University-Delaware
  • Dawn Career Institute Inc
  • Widener University-Delaware Campus
  • Burton’s Garden Schools
  • 3D Learn Interactive Academy
  • Christa McAuliffe Academy


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