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Online Schools in Florida

Online Education in Florida

Florida is one of those states that has multiple institutions of higher studies, with over 400 colleges and nearly 2 million students. Also known as the ‘sunshine state’, it houses universities and colleges of all sizes, most of which offer online programs, considering the fact that students have plenty of options in distance learning in terms of course options and comfortable schedules. Florida houses many colleges which offer a plethora of options in online learning and this includes degree and certificate programs. Statistics as per the year 2013 show that there are over 50 four-year schools featuring online programs with some of them adopting web-based delivery apart from traditional course studies.

Higher Educational State Initiatives:

  • Florida Virtual School – It is the nation’s largest online K-12 school run by the state which provides a broad catalog of online courses, wherein students from Florida get to enroll in these classes free of cost.
  • Partnership between UF and Coursera – Provides high-quality classes to public free of cost.

Florida’s Online Universities and Colleges:

The University of Florida, for instance, has online degree programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels, featuring over a ten doctorate programs, 12 bachelor’s degree programs and over 60 master’s degree programs. UF’s prime focus is to help students and working professionals opt for this flexible setting and advance their studies by earning a quality degree from the comfort of their homes.

Jacksonville universities is yet another worthy option to consider as it features credentials across associate, graduate, post-graduate levels through distance education, whereas trade schools and area colleges offer a wide variety of online vocational certificates. For instance, Columbia College offers online certificates and degrees via eight-week sections, thus enabling students to study flexibly as per their lifestyles.

Following are some of the online colleges in Florida –

Palm Beach State College

Broward College

Indian River State College

Gulf Coast State College

Miami Dade College

Florida Atlantic University

Florida State University


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