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Online Schools in Hawaii


One of the popular modes of education in recent years is distance learning which has resulted in the rapid rise of online degrees to a prominent extent in Hawaii’s educational landscape of public institutions. For instance, the University of Hawaii offers students a choice of almost 40 programs that are completely online across all levels viz., certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s as well as doctoral. A wide variety of distance learning options are offered by U of H in social sciences, computer sciences and business administration, besides a minor focus on health and education. Online learning options are also provided by Hawaii Community College and Chaminade University apart from the U of H.

Financial Aid:

When it comes to education, a significant role is played by budgetary issues, especially in the case of post-secondary education. Funding options are available for students in the form of both scholarships as well as federal aid for those who seek to earn degree from any of the private or public institutes of Hawaii. On the basis of the student’s requirements, FAFSA forms are required by federal aid and thereafter financial support gets awarded.

Online Affordable Colleges:

Online schools are anytime the best possible choice if you’re considering distance learning at affordable prices. Thanks to the extensive range of online degree programs, the state of Hawaii offers plenty of options with access to similar professors, same admission requirements and corresponding tuition assistance, all resulting in earning exactly the same certification or diploma as that earned in case of on campus. You can therefore have the luxury of enhancing the status of your employment by obtaining a degree, addressing your flexibility issues and the ability to attend classes from remote locations.

Following is a list of some online schools and colleges in Hawaii –

Brigham Young University-Hawaii

University of Hawaii at Hilo

Remington College-Honolulu Campus

Hawaii Pacific University

University of Phoenix – Hawaii.

Leeward Community College

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