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Online Schools in Illinois


The state of Illinois has over 200 universities and colleges and out of them almost 150 offer distance learning courses and online degree programs. One of the 9 public state universities is the University of Illinois offering online programs for students. The versatility factor of distance education options is reflected by distance learning campuses such as the U of I and how precious and useful they are to those seeking non-credit classes and certifications, besides associate and graduate degrees.

Online Prospects and Courses in Illinois:

Chicago city boasts of its wide variety of online schools for aspiring students. Chicago city colleges have a Center for Distance Learning, offering over 85 online courses, multiple distance-learning seminars, an online training service, all made available for the same fees and tuition as that of their traditional classes. Remote options are offered by various other institutes across the city. For instance, DePaul University is one which continues to further its extensive collection of completely online programs, currently including almost 10 online master’s degrees provided by the College of Computing and Digital Media. There are many other similar colleges in the state providing students with complete degree programs by way of distance learning.

Facts and Figures:

The state of Illinois has been constantly persevering to maintain funding towards higher learning. The year 2011- 12 witnessed an average decline of 7.5% in educational funding appropriated for the state, a figure that gradually risen up to 10% of state garnered funding by Illinois.

Engineering Online:

In an effort to deliver a realistic classroom experience, advanced technologies are utilized by Engineering Online in order to create superior interactive learning environment. It offers elite on-campus programs addressing the flexibility and convenience issues of many while simultaneously maintaining the academic precision and integrity that is mandatory.

Following are a few online colleges in Illinois :

  1. Ellis University
  2. Lincoln Christian University
  3. Northern Illinois University
  4. Moody Bible Institute
  5. Methodist College
  6. Western Illinois University

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