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Online Schools in Indiana


The state of Indiana has been offering an increasing number of online degree programs via its private as well as public colleges. In order to make it more accessible and attractive to the residents of the state, the schools as well as the state legislature have established partnership toward meeting a common objective which is to increase the number of degrees on an annual basis to the state residents. From the new IU Online initiative by Indiana University to the new program offered by Purdue, class discussion and lectures are being delivered through the internet on a global basis, a fact which is a direct reflection of Indiana’s soaring online educational trend.

Higher Educational Initiatives:

  • IU Online – Indiana University’s new initiative IU Online has set many online schools on a race to compete with each other, especially since the same has invested an initial amount of $8 million in association with various other online programs. Its ultimate objective is to create economical degree programs at both levels (graduate and post-graduate) in various fields including science, business and technology.
  • Purdue HUB-U – In an effort to reach the global audience, Purdue HUB-U offers video lectures, tests and online homework by means of an interactive web portal that makes courses available.

Higher Learning Statistics:

As per 2012, the percentage of adults aged 25-60 in Indiana holding a degree was 34.9%, five points below average. The state is therefore making every possible effort to provide enhanced access to education across all levels by ensuring that the tuition rates are kept below national average.

Following are a few online colleges in Indiana –

University of Southern Indiana

Indiana University-Kokomo

Ball State University

Crossroads Bible College

Oakland City University

Huntington University

University of Saint Francis-Fort Wayne

Trine University

Taylor University

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