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Online Schools in Kansas


The universities and colleges in the state of Kansas are expanding exponentially in terms of offering online degrees and courses. In order to meet the increasing demand for online learning opportunities, the state schools are working in unison to the extent of multiplying the number of online applications. The federal government in the academic year of 2013-14 provided an expected 40% grants to post-secondary students with an average financial aid of $6,000 for each student.

Online Schools in Kansas

There has been a dramatic change in the educational trend as an increasing number of traditional schools are now joining online colleges in the state’s educational landscape, thus creating a large number of distance learning programs. To add to it, public universities, community colleges and similar institutions are in perfect unison working together to enhance the quality of education and providing increased accessibility to higher degree to its students. Kansas State University is one of those institutions that is creating headlines when it comes to online education, thanks to its Global Campus boasting a plethora of programs, certificates and degrees across all levels. The University of Kansas happens to be no less in offering an increasing online catalog of courses and programs.

Financial Assistance:

It is important that students in need of financial assistance must choose an accredited school. This means that their preferred college must meet some quality standards set by a specific committee. College/school accreditation not only determines eligibility, but also increasing the chances of having credits transferred from one school to another. Another route to funding assistance is scholarships, most used in combination with other financial aid in order to authorize students to attend college.

Following are some online colleges in Kansas –

  1. Emporia State University
  2. Washburn University
  3. Pittsburg State University
  4. University of Kansas
  5. Ottawa University-Kansas City
  6. Barclay College
  7. Sterling College
  8. Newman University

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