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Online Schools In New Mexico

Online Colleges in New Mexico

New Mexico has over 50 universities, colleges and vocational institutions.  The University of New Mexico (Albuquerque) and New Mexico State University (Las Cruces) are the largest public colleges in the entire state and highly graded among national institutions. Online learning components are included in both these public colleges which offer entire online course work as well as degree programs. Their innovative initiatives taken in online learning have earned them laurels and national accolades, thus being an inspiration to most of New Mexico’s top colleges who have followed suit in implementing similar initiatives.

Online Colleges and Universities in New Mexico:

When it comes to distance learning options, the University of New Mexico has several online learning options and this includes degree completion programs and online courses taught by the UNM faculty. The classes vary from completely online courses to correspondence courses to ITV (Instructional Television) to hybrid courses. There is also a distance learning program provided by the Central New Mexico Community College offering courses that are completely online, 50% online (online + hybrid), blended (percentage is determined by the percentage of coursework done online). In an effort to ensure educational standards, an online teaching certification is to be earned by online instructors at CNM prior to taking up their profession in online education. UNM Online (University of New Mexico) offers aspiring students with plenty of online courses to help them balance their academic goals and busy schedules. Students are educated by UNM faculty on par with regular campus courses, thus ensuring that online courses are 100 % percent genuine and successful and accredited. Western New Mexico University is another public 4-year school that offer over 150 online courses across undergraduate and graduate levels. The Institute of American Indian Arts also offers online certificate programs and online courses in various fields.

Following are some online colleges and universities in New Mexico –

  • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
  • St. John’s College
  • University of the Southwest