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Online Education in New York

The state of New York stands second highest in the country in terms of the number of institutions granting degrees, most of which are world-renowned and highly esteemed. The city has a public college system of its own, City University of New York (CUNY) that consists of graduate schools, community colleges and this happens to the largest metropolitan college system in the US. The city also consists of multiple famous private universities, including Columbia University, Cornell University and New York University besides many more.

Online Universities and Colleges in New York:

Some of the traditional online schools in New York include the University of Phoenix, Five Towns College and DeVry University, all of which offer online degrees, besides Excelsior College and Hofstra University. There are also numerous online community colleges including Onondaga Community College offering residents in-state tuition. With higher education gradually progressing online, multiple schools across the state are experimenting with new technologies in order to incorporate them into respective educational processes. From Google apps to cloud-based storage, the future of online learning is represented by these online schools. Following are some initiatives taken by the state towards progressive education.

Higher Educational Initiatives:

  • Course Info via Cloud-Based Storage: The usage of cloud-based platform to access online course information is proof for the state’s future in online education. In addition to the University of Illinois-Springfield and Arizona State University, the school will start using Course Sites possessing various innovative features including peer review options and self-enrollment. An added features is readily available themes and templates, all of which promote ease-of-use.
  • SUNY Learning Network: This is a website that the State University of New York system has created. Information regarding all online learning opportunities are made available through the system which has over 40 campuses. Excelsior College is the only distance learning college meant exclusively for adults who wish to complete their advanced education.