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Online Schools In Vermont

Online Degrees in Vermont

Vermont happens to be one of the smallest states, but has never compromised on education, as it consists of 29 universities and colleges as of 2013, besides a wealth of online opportunities. Vermont’s strong commitment to offer its students the best of resources that they require is proven by its wide variety of educational programs, be it online or the traditional institutions.

Online Colleges and Universities:

In order to make education easily accessible to students who prefer distance learning due to various reasons, Vermont offers a wide range of online schools and plenty of degree options. Some of the main colleges offering online courses and programs include Vermont Technical Colleges, University of Vermont, Green Mountain College and Champlain College. For instance, the University of Vermont (UVM) provides various graduate and undergraduate degrees online, besides certificate programs, individual courses, etc. UVM’s resources may be accessed by online students via the learning management system. The quality of UVM’s online programs is measured by the Five Pillars of Sloan Consortium in order to make sure that they remain on the same platform as that of the campus-based traditional programs.

These programs provide extensive options across all levels from associate to bachelor’s to master’s degrees to individual classes to professional certificates. The range of subjects include accounting, education, business and healthcare to be precise, besides a host of other mainline subjects. Online studies are also offered by private for-profit colleges such as Capella University wherein the prime focus of the degree certificates and programs is on IT, healthcare and business. Over 11 certificates with focus on career are offered by the community college system, apart from 20 diverse associate degrees.

Following are some of the online colleges and universities in Vermont :

  • College of St Joseph
  • Champlain College
  • Norwich University
  • Green Mountain College
  • University of Vermont