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Online Schools In Virginia

Online Degrees in Virginia

Considering the ever rising online education sector and the immense demand for online learning, the educational institutions in Virginia are escalating their offerings to the internet, firmly backing the state’s commitment for online education. The Code of Virginia, as per the VDOE, enables schools to provide online courses to aspiring students by teaming up with educational institutions, private organizations and virtual school organizations (nonprofit).

Online Colleges and Universities:

Some form of online learning is being offered by most colleges in Virginia including Virginia Tech that provides 13 online degree programs in the post-graduate level and online certificates. 70 distance degree programs are offered by Old Dominion University.  2013 has witnesses the state accommodating 18 four-year universities and colleges offering some form of online education. For instance, the University of Virginia at Wise (UVa-Wise) provides extensive online courses to aspiring students including adult learners and those who have a zeal to find out as to what online learning is actually about. Thanks to the fact that technology is now backing up distance learning modes, online learning is on an all-time high, enabling students to earn their certificates and degrees from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Higher Learning Initiatives:

  • Virtual Virginia – This is a program that enables high school students to receive college credit online prior to receiving their diploma, besides also giving them a chance to take up innovative placement courses online. Online education is therefore being considered as an efficient and convenient process custom-made for an aspiring student.
  • Electronic Campus of Virginia – This initiative unites people with latest course offerings of both private and public higher learning institutions of Virginia. The ultimate objective of this initiative is to enhance the convenience and accessibility of higher education.

Following are some of the online colleges and universities in Virginia –

  • Old Dominion University
  • Norfolk State University
  • Virginia University of Lynchburg
  • Averett University-Non-Traditional Programs
  • Virginia Commonwealth University