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Online Schools in Washington


Washington is one of the states of America that is popular for high-tech education, a fact that is thoroughly backed by a bill that makes technology an integral part of the state’s core educational objectives.  Thanks to the evolution of digital age, education has been taken to a new level as more and more schools are now coming up with plenty of online options, a perfect alternative for students who wish for flexible schedules to earn a degree.

Washington’s Online Schools:

The state provides its students an academy from which they can pursue their degrees via plenty of technology-aided programs. According to state government reports, the academic year of 2009-10 had over 40 online programs, majority of which were designed for students in individual districts. There are also many multidistrict schools which cater to students living in underserved communities. There are also private online schools to choose from wherein studies are customized as per a personalized learning plan. The ultimate goal of these schools is to focus on building a strong connection between the student and the teacher and this explains their interactive curriculum with plenty of online learning opportunities.

Higher Educational Initiatives:

  • New Online University – This provides over 50 bachelor’s and master’s programs, reflecting the extent to which the state can go in encouraging the online educational trend. When it comes to online education, this university is reportedly said to be a top-class innovation in distance education with rigorous yet flexible programs and courses.
  • Washington Online – With an intent to offer the best possible online educational experience to students, this is a program that features plenty of offerings, besides from also providing a wide variety of resources to both teachers as well as students.

Following are some of the best online schools in Washington –

Gonzaga University

Whitworth University

Skagit Valley College

Washington State University

Centralia College

Everett Community College

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