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Software Engineer Salary and Career Information

Career in Computer Engineering: Facing the Challenges of IT Industry

Alternatively known as software engineering, computer engineering is a profession that deals with the development, testing and evaluation of a particular software that determines the functioning of our computers. From developing exciting computer games to a wide variety of business application to designing novel operating systems, the role of a computer engineer is to construct and manage the computer system of an organization including supplying technical support as and when it is required.

Eligibility Criteria/Skills Required:

According to BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), a bachelor’s degree in computer science software engineering is good to start with. The student coursework focuses on topics such as systems analysis, database design, technical writing and critical thinking. Considering the ever changing field of computer technology, it is vital to continue one’s education in related areas in order to pump up the success quotient.
When it comes to the required skills to be possessed by a potential candidate, it includes strong analytical skills and ability to focus on multiple tasks at the same time, considering the fact that they will be required to work with clients and customers. In addition, being able to translate information related to computers to layman’s terms is an added advantage.

Economic Outlook:

As per May 2012, applications software developers earned an average annual salary of $90,060. While the earnings of the top ten percent were about $138,880, the earnings of the lower ten percent was about $55,190. Systems software developers, on the other hand earned about $99,000 as of May 2012, with their higher range at $148,850 and the lower range at $62,800.
When it comes to the employment opportunities of software engineers/developers, it is expected to grow by about 22 percent in the next ten years, while that of applications developers is expected to grow by 23 percent, owing to the rapid increased demand for computer software. Other potential avenues includes the healthcare industry, the mobile development industry and other areas related to consumer electronics.

Scholarship/ Funding:

Computer science students have plenty of scholarships available for them, one of which is the Paul Foundation Scholarships that offers BTech and MTech computer science. The eligibility criteria for this is exceptional academic records possessed by potential candidates. There is also the NTPC Scholarship for Handicapped or Disabled Engineering Students.

Global Focus:

There is a widening scope for IT software professionals across the globe, with India being the one of the foremost IT talent exporters, catering to the rising demand in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. There are plenty of opportunities for IT professionals who choose to make exciting global careers as this field.

Substitute Careers:

Computer Programmer – A computer programming career is ideal for those whose interest in in creating software program codes, who aspire to work alongside developers and engineers. Their role includes usage of programming languages and specialized tools in order to come up with the end product. This also include testing and analyzing existing products for identification and repairing respective errors.

Computer Network Architect – This career option is a great one is the candidate is interested in design and supervision of communication network installation. Their role is to determine the necessary equipment besides finding ways for network data security and exploring technological advancements towards the organization’s benefit.

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