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Teacher Job Description, Salary and Career Information

Teaching is a process of making unaware or unclear people clear and aware in light of wisdom and knowledge.

Teaching as far today has no particular definition but it is said that Teaching and learning are interlinked…. For example:If you don’t teach a child to walk? he won’t learn how to walk!

Teaching is multitask job basically a group of pupils are offered to an individual to teach them apart from parents this individual is responsible bringing up a responsible citizen in the child and this individual is nothing but known as “Teacher”….


Teacher is the person who teaches, but professionally the teacher is the responsible person who basically teaches the students at school, tutorials etc… Being a teacher is the fascinating job ever you must work making a schedule of do’s and don’ts as what you do is observed by your students.

Teacher Training
Teacher Training

Being a teacher is the tiring process, doing multitask, always communicate well, deal with students of different understanding, keep the classroom in eloquent manner.

Being a teacher is the profession for those who have passion to be one.

Do what interests you for if you be a teacher without a desire to be then you may spoil many of the upcoming bright futures as you may not be able to give them to the fullest they require.

A teacher is someone you even works during holidays in summer to be a better teacher next year.

Being enthusiastic and being on toes is the mere requirement of teaching profession.

If you love being with adolescents and little children then teaching profession may work for you as it is rewarding and always teachers are needed.

Teaching profession is beneficial career as you must not have to work for too long as they will be 8 to 9 hours of working daily and rest may be used for your personal choice this is the only reason many women opt for teaching as their career whereas these days dedicated men are also being teachers apart from only teaching conventional subjects, teachers of yoga, craft, art etc are have also raised much demand.

Building up of the foundation of future citizens is done by teachers so teachers are always in demand. It is the profession where one can think this demand will always increase.


For being a teacher you must at least have bachelor’s degree as this is the quickest way to meet the requirement.

Licensure along with GCSE grading must be necessary for those who want to work at public school but for those who want to work in private school it is not that necessary.

The completion of teacher education program along with bachelor’s degree will make you a primary school teacher.


According to Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012 study the median pay of elementary school teachers is about $53,090 annually, whereas high school teachers are paid about $55,050 per year.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics there is a prediction that teachers employment will increase by 12% in between 2012-2020.


As a teacher you must be able to:

  • Counsel the students well.
  • Communicate brilliantly.
  • Always remind parents of the progress of student.
  • Encourage the student to do well.
  • Understand the students and motivate them to be right.
  • Never discriminate.
  • Never be partial.
  • Always follow the schedule.
  • Teach personal development skills.


Teacher is the role model for a student that strives us with greatness.

If you are only interested in this profession then go for it as said

“Be what you want to be not be what others want to see you be”…..

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